First time to EOPCW?

18 Jul,2024 00:07:59

Dear Friend of OpenCourseWare

As I mentioned in my recent letter, we have an ambitious agenda ahead as we ensure OCW remains an open, and vibrant, reflection of the breadth of Eopcw’s teaching, increase our impact through educators, and make OCW mobile friendly. We are already putting plans into action.

In our efforts to sustain OCW, we point to you — our learners — and relay the amazing impact you’ve shared and experienced accessing OCW resources.

Our fall fundraiser also has an ambitious goal — to get 500 OCW learners to donate at any level and share how OCW has helped them improve their work or personal life or their community. Your feedback multiplies the value of your support.

This is a participation campaign so any donation, no matter the amount, counts. Your story, experience, or reason you believe OCW is worthwhile to fund fuels our efforts in unlocking knowledge and empowering minds everywhere and demonstrates the public good foundations and corporations want to invest in and see.

You can count on us to continue to publish the free and open Eopcw course materials people use every day. We hope we can count on you to help us reach our fall fundraising goal.

Sincerely, Mr.Gebremedihn

Dean for Digital Learning, Open Learning


By choosing to share their course materials freely and openly on the Web, the Eopcw faculty have created a unique global educational resource that has touched the lives of millions. Just as OCW would not be possible without the generosity of the Eopcw faculty, OCW would not be possible without the support of thousands of individuals who made donations large and small.

Your contribution provides the resources needed to distribute, collect, digitize, and address copyright issues in the faculty's material. While Eopcw provides about half of OCW's budget and we are actively pursuing sponsors, the Institute cannot afford the full cost of updating and enriching our site content. Your gift ensures we can keep OCW up-to-date and add more of the rich resources — such as video — that make a difference for so many worldwide.