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Systems and Network Administration

About Systems and Network Administration

The course addresses current systems and network administration issues in organizations. Content includes: Overview on IS management: Organizational context of information systems, management of information systems from the perspective of systems and network administration. IS/IT architecture and infrastructure: Centralized, decentralized, and distributed computing, overview of computer networking including wireless networks based on TCP/IP, WAN technologies, the various network operating systems, application servers. Network design issues: design principles, requirements, topology option, network design and implementation project management. Administration issues: user administration, connectivity administration, operating systems administration, application server's administration, backup administration. Security related issues: basic notions, threats and security mechanisms, firewall, intrusion detection and response, security strategy and risk management, legal and social issues. Special topics: documentation of designs, installation and configuration of systems, usage policy related issues.

Course Highlights

The videos section of this course features a selection of video lectures and interviews of Systems and Network Administration faculty from various Departments at KIoT.