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Basics ofHydropowerEngineering

About Basics ofHydropowerEngineering

this course designed to covers, Introduction: sources of energy; hydropower & its development;Estimation of water power potential: firm & secondary powerload prediction and demand assessment. Classification and types of hydropowe development: selection of site; layouts for each type & capacity computations. Water conveyance structures:intakes, canals & tunnels;fore bay & surge tanks (water hammer analysis); penstocks; anchor blocks. Powerhouse: classification of differenttypes; turbines-types & selection governing mechanism; cavitations, generators and other quipments selection of suitable equipment & compatibility:operation and organization;draft tubes and tailrace. Status, potential 8and study of hydropower development in Ethiopia. Alternative energy sources: Wind energy, solar energy and Technology for Biogas

Course Highlights

The videos section of this course features a selection of video lectures and interviews of Basics ofHydropowerEngineering faculty from various Departments at KIoT.