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Data Communication and Computer Networks

About Data Communication and Computer Networks

The course aims at exploring the various types of data communication systems, networks and their applications. The content includes: computer networks, seven-layer architecture, OSI & TCP/IP suite of protocols, network hardware, network software, standardization, guided transmission media, wireless transmission, data link layer, Ethernet and IP addressing. It involves practical session on Cabling and crimping, Configuring TCP/IP, Peer to Peer Networking, Sharing Files, Sharing Printers, Client-server Networking, Steps for Creating a home or small office Network, Experiencing collaboration tools, installing & Configuring Network Operating System, Exploring Server Roles, Setting up a DNS Server, setting up a DHCP server, Domain controller and IP Addressing.

Course Highlights

The videos section of this course features a selection of video lectures and interviews of Data Communication and Computer Networks faculty from various Departments at KIoT.