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Physical Fitness for Natural Science (I Year I Semester)

About Physical Fitness for Natural Science (I Year I Semester)

Since the beginning of time, survival has been a daily struggle. Simply staying alive was physically demanding. Yet, humans in industrialized societies over the last 150 years have come spoiled. We live in our minds so much of the time that we have almost forgotten that we have a body many people work in offices who make their living by reading, writing, speaking, and thinking, but seldom by physical labor. Regular physical exercise does the body good. Physical exercise empowers natural health advocates to take active measures to combat disuse atrophy. Physical fitness has a vital role in the life of men from time immemorial. The progress of the nation lies in the hands of people, who are healthy and physically fit. Every individual should develop physical fitness for a happy and effective living. Physical fitness is the ability to live a full and balanced life. The totally fit person has a healthy and happy outlook towards life. Fitness is the young man‘s absolute necessity. It breads breeds self-reliance and keeps man mentally alert. Physical fitness is essential for human beings to adjust well with his environment as his mind and body are in complete harmony. In order to get physical fitness one has to involve in a regular physical exercise program. Our bodies demand to be used. Failure to use them results in your muscles deteriorating, at a steady and progressive rate. Thus, everyone should develop sensible habits of exercise that they can stick to for the rest of their lives. To help you understand about physical fitness and related issues, this module provides you all the necessary information regarding what physical fitness is, the various components of physical fitness, means by which physical fitness is developed, methods of assessing physical fitness and the health benefits of physical exercise.

Course Highlights

The videos section of this course features a selection of video lectures and interviews of Physical Fitness for Natural Science (I Year I Semester) faculty from various Departments at KIoT.