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Communicative English Language Skills II

About Communicative English Language Skills II

In this Unit, you will read a passage on ‘Life Skills’. You will discuss what life skills incorporate and the importance of learning them with your partners. Understanding the concept, you will engage in activities that help you develop your speaking, reading and writing abilities. Besides, you will consolidate the note-making skill you have been introduced in ‘Communication Skills I’. The grammar lesson focuses on ‘Active’ and ‘Passive’ voices. I hope you adequately know about them, but at this level we will briefly review what they are and you will focus much on applying them in oral and written reports. The knowledge of the active and passive voices helps you to present oral report and write academic reports such as lab reports. As Natural Science students, for instance, you do experiments and your experimental reports require the use of passive voices in most cases. So, the study helps you to use accurate language forms in your reports. Social Science students also need the study of the voices to write good reports

Course Highlights

The videos section of this course features a selection of video lectures and interviews of Communicative English Language Skills II faculty from various Departments at KIoT.