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Subject area Methods II (For English Major)

About Subject area Methods II (For English Major)

Basic understanding of English language systems and language skills is imperative to work in the EFL/ESL classroom with confidence. As a continuation of the course “Subject Area Teaching I” this course explores pedagogical issues in relation to vocabulary, speaking and writing skills. Building on students previous understanding of the basic concepts in teaching grammar, reading, and listening skills, the course outlines both theoretical and practical considerations in the teaching of vocabulary, speaking and wring skills. It provides trainees with structural as well as communicative view of teaching English language skills and areas of knowledge developed in the last two hundred years. The structural view of English language teaching partly covers the study of English language at the level of phonology, morphology and syntax. While basic concepts of syntax or grammar are dealt in “Subject Area methods I”, this course discusses morphological issues at length. The Course appreciates the descriptive power of the communicative view of English language teaching in modern language pedagogy. It demonstrates the teaching of skills such as writing and speaking within extended situations, and communicative contexts. Research has proved both structural and communicative views of teaching (considered as a system) are relevant and important and any of them cannot be overruled while teaching English language skills and areas of knowledge in the classroom. Moreover, the course provides students with a general understanding of the major approaches, and issues of language curriculum, materials evaluation, and testing in English language teaching. A needs-based, learning-centered approach will be constituted to the designing of English language syllabus, materials, and test items in exami9nations.

Course Highlights

The videos section of this course features a selection of video lectures and interviews of Subject area Methods II (For English Major) faculty from various Departments at KIoT.