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About English Language and Literature

The Department of English Language and Literature at WU has traversed developmental stages which is this time a full-fledged one. Throughout its long history, the English language and literature department has trained a number of professionals in various programs: Regular, Extension, and Kiremt. The Department has commenced training professionals at an M.A level in TEFL, Applied Linguistics and General Linguistics in the regular, extension and kiremt programs since 2005, and PhD in TEFL since 2010 in the regular program. The Department which is one of the veteran departments in the university has made a remarkable contribution in training professional English Language teachers for secondary schools and teacher training and educational institutions. It has also been offering different service of English courses for the various departments in the university. In terms of resources, the department has various teaching materials, and one language laboratory. Besides, it possesses an English Language Improvement Center in which the department provides service for students, department staff and teaching staffs across departments in the University (WU).

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