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Department of Information System


About Information System

Program Objective Graduates in this program, in general, will specifically have the chance to have knowledge and understanding in the following major areas: • Theoretical background on the functionalities of computer and application of computer to businesses; • Theories, principles, processes and techniques of organization, storage, retrieval, dissemination and utilization of all forms of information; • Understanding of computers and communication systems, including basic software engineering, network design, database development, implementation and management; • Knowledge of organizational behaviors and different organizational principles; • Various types of academic and business information resources, systems and services; • Knowledge of basic principles of ICT-based business information processing techniques; • Theories, practices and principles of information systems analysis, design, development and management in the business environment; • Principles and different approaches of computer programming and algorithm development to solve real world problems; • Theories, practices and principles of business process engineering in a creative manner to solve information related problem of businesses and organizations. Major Practical Skills of the Graduates will be: • To be able to write high and middle level computer programs using different technologies to solve information related problems like storage, retrieval and management of information; • To design, implement and evaluate various information systems and multimedia resources including the Internet; • To manage business information systems and services (organization and retrieval of business information); • To manage and actively participate in information system development projects; • To analyze, design, develop, manage and evaluate business information systems from different perspectives; • To provide information system/technology consultancy services; • To solve problems in business enterprises through application of Information communication technology and development of decision support information systems; • To plan and execute projects related to information systems development and resources and services;

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