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23 Sep,2023 03:09:13

Support EOPCW

Supporting OCW makes a statement about your company's commitment to global education, places your brand in front of our unique and highly educated global audience, and can even help your company recruit and train your global workforce.

Underwriting on OCW: Put Your Company in Good Company

Corporate underwriters of OCW enjoy the benefit of supporting a renowned global intellectual philanthropy effort as well as the impact of traditional web marketing.

It's an effective way to build business and brand your company while helping to provide free educational resources to millions of teachers and learners worldwide. The OCW corporate underwriting team can help you design a portfolio of underwriting opportunities that meets your financial and marketing goals.

OCW Underwriting opportunities include:

On-site and newsletter brand advertising to a highly educated global audience, including large numbers of visitors from the United States, China and India On-site recruitment messaging reaching students at EOPCW and other top universities and employees at top companies worldwide Recognition as an EOPCW EOPCW underwriter at events on the EOPCW campus and around the world Co-branded custom course lists highlighting materials most relevant to your customers or workforce OCW underwriter logo for use on your company's site and marketing materials