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Course Descrpiton

Course Name:Equine production and Draft Animal Power Utilization # By Dr. Gezahegn Tadesse; Course Code: AnSc 3093

Theory Under this course the following major topics will be discussed. Equine species and their distribution, production methods, breeding, feeding, management, disease and disease controls, housing and routine management practices. Evaluation of physical characters of draft animals, selection of animals for draft purposes , basic principles to train animals for work, different types of animal drawn implements, health care of draft animals, harness and harnessing, making the double withers yoke for plowing and field visits. Practical: o Equine production, feeding, management practices o Evaluation of the physical traits of Draft animal power o Selection of Draft animal power for production & work o Application of basic principles to train animals for work o Evaluation of Draft animal power implements, harness & harnessing systems o Management of Draft animal power

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